"Denise Green's wonderful book is a two-for-one deal: not only does it offer excellent advice for how to live calmly and joyfully,
it actually creates that state through its heartfelt prose. Read and be rejuvenated."

~ Marshall Goldsmith, New York Times best selling author, ranked the number one leadership thinker in the world by Thinkers50






If you’ve been searching for that elusive work-life balance oasis, or if you’ve ever described yourself as “super-busy,” this book is for you. There is a way for you to feel more fulfillment and ease in all parts of your life: health, work, relationships, and home - but you won’t find it by trying to “balance” your time. For over a decade, Denise has been lighting the way for busy leaders, showing them simple steps to reducing overwhelm and achieving profound fulfillment in all areas of their lives.


Denise’s clients have described her as a mini Tony Robbins due to the humor, compassion, knowledge, and pragmatism she brings to helping people to transform their lives.


If you want less stress and more fulfillment, read Work-Life Brilliance today, and learn how small changes will reap huge rewards.


Foreword by Susan Scott

As I wrote in Fierce Conversations, we don’t burn out because we’re trying to solve problems. We burn out because we’ve been trying to solve the same problem over and over. Guess what! Stress is a perpetual problem that most people have not been able to solve . . . and they certainly won’t solve it by seeking the much-ballyhooed notion of work–life balance. While we all want to avoid burnout and feel less stressed, there is something far more profound that we seek, and which Denise addresses brilliantly in this marvelous book.

I met Denise more than a decade ago, when she was a Director of Leadership Development at Charles Schwab. After reading Fierce Conversations, she sought me out, and we began a journey working together to help a team of fifty executives create a culture of courageous, open, safe leadership, where anything could be discussed with heart and grace, for the good of the organization and the thousands of souls working in it.

Denise writes like she speaks and coaches: to the whole person—with deep compassion, wit, creativity, wisdom, and urgency. She gets what it’s like to have a yearning to be your best self, while constrained by the realities of demanding jobs, stress, and even physical injury and illness. This is not a book to be read casually; it’s a book to be consumed. Denise offers a lifeline here, out of whatever swamp of the soul you find yourself in, to your best self.

I’m known for asking, “What are you pretending not to know?” I’ve never seen a tool that answers this more effectively and efficiently than Denise’s Brilliant Life Assessment. It reaches into your subconscious and presents the answer visually on paper in about five minutes. This new, old knowledge frees you to let go of the toxic “should-dos” on your list and focus on what matters most—to your soul—right now. Then, Denise walks you through a process to realize your goal. Page after page, Denise offers profound insights and simple tools to turn your epiphanies into real progress.

This book is a fierce, loving, convincing, and oh-so-very-useful conversation between you and Denise. I suggest you listen. Life’s too short (and your potential is too big) not to.

Susan Scott, author of Fierce Conversations: Achieving Success at Work & in Life—One Conversation at a Time and Fierce Leadership: A Bold Alternative to the Worst “Best” Practices of Business Today